#0746: Catherine Gray; Marty Krofft; & Stuart Nulman

The Stuph File Program

04-12-2023 • 58 mins

The Stuph File Program Featuring filmmaker, Catherine Gray; producer Marty Krofft; & Stuart Nulman with Book Banter Download Catherine Gray is one of the executive producers of the new documentary film, Show Her The Money, which exposes the gender gap in financing women in business. We remember Marty Krofft, one half of the iconic sibling TV production company, Sid & Marty Krofft Productions.  Marty passed away last week at the age of 86 and we remember him with an interview that we did with the legendary showman in 2018. Stuart Nulman with another edition of Book Banter. It’s our annual roundup of great holiday book ideas. This week’s suggested titles are: 1964: Eyes of the Storm by Paul McCartney (Liveright, $99) Picturing the Game by Don Weekes (McGill-Queen's University Press, $50) The Disney Book, 2nd Edition by Jim Fanning & Tracey Miller-Zarneke (Darling Kindersley, $54) The History of Sketch Comedy by Keegan-Michael Key & Elle Key (Chronicle Books, $40) You can also read Stuart’s reviews in The Montreal Times. This week’s guest slate is presented by Sam Fisher who is the Beverage Manager at Montreal’s Restaurant Hélicoptère.