Trash Truck: Tire(d) Swing

Bedtime Stories with Netflix Jr.

02-03-2022 • 14 mins

Hank and friends chase down their tire swing after it rolls down the hill. Themes include: Working together as a team, downregulating from high energy to low energy, strategies for falling asleep, sounds of nature. Follow @NetflixFamily on social and Netflix Jr. on YouTube. And go to to learn more and sign up for our free magazine for kids ages 2-5!   Cast Hank: Henry Keane Mom: Megan Paul Walter: Brian Baumgartner Donny: Lucas Neff Trash Truck: Glen Keane Crew Produced by Spoke Media for Netflix Jr. Child Development Consultant: Dr. Tina Bryson Writer: Max Keane Director: Hannah Cope and Caroline Hamilton Showrunner: Hannah Cope Executive Producers: Keith Reynolds, Alia Tavakolian, Janielle Kastner Producer: Caroline Hamilton Associate Producer: Reyes Mendoza Coordinating Producer: Aleisha Force Mix and Sound Design: Evan Arnett Studio Teacher: Chelsea Northrop