Ep 158: Real Life Kitchen Design with Camille Finan

The Mom's Organization Motivation Podcast

20-03-2023 • 26 mins

Need a little kitchen update or major reno? Camille Finan is going to tell us how to get that form and function!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, as they say, and my talented guest, author, podcast host, CEO of Kitchen Remodel Rockstar, and host of the Ugly Kitchen Challenge is sharing 7 things we should have in every modern kitchen, why she’s not a fan of lazy Susan’s (This one got me!), and why HGTV inspo might not be so realistic. WHAT?!?

Highlights from this episode:

(02:31) What’s your budget? What’s your goal?

(07:25) Designing from the inside out

(10:15) The do’s and don’ts of kitchen design

(12:10) Lazy Susan controversy

(16:24) The right drawers for your kitchen

Mentioned on this episode:



The Kitchen Sink Podcast

I loved this episode and Camille’s thoughtful advice. If it’s helpful for you, share it with your besties, tag us on social, and tell us your favorite idea she shared!

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