Ep 150: Pressure to Pick a Word

The Mom's Organization Motivation Podcast

23-01-2023 • 31 mins

It’s January and sometimes the start of a new year can cause pressure around setting intentions.

Consider these steps if picking your word of the year is causing you stress:

  1. ESSENTIAL: Give yourself time.
  2. ENHANCEMENT: Commit or pivot.
  3. EXTRA: Seek help.

Highlights from this episode:

(01:35) Under pressure

(04:23) Have a little patience

(07:05) A year of purpose

(12:51) Why does ‘content’ feel like a dirty word?

(16:05) A bit of a fixer upper

(18:44) Join the contentment club

(21:47) You gotta have faith

(24:23) We don’t always get it right

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Don’t let the pressure get to you!

Whether you create a vision board, choose to work with a mentor or coach, pray about it, see what the Bible says about it, and/or consult with trusted family and friends, remember those 3 E’s to take the stress out of planning for the year ahead.

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