The Mom's Organization Motivation Podcast

31-03-2020 • 7 mins

In this episode of The Mom's Organization Motivation Podcast I decided to have a little fun! You learn a bit about me, Paige Killian, mom, professional organizer, motivation speaker, and sometimes ridiculously animated, southern, theatre girl. I'm passionate about helping busy moms of littles organize and style their life in 3 simple steps, so it works best for their style.

Getting organized isn't always something we see as easy, fun and rewarding. Often it feels frustrating, stressful, and too overwhelming to even start!

Well, that doesn't have to be your reality. The organization process doesn't have to be a daunting or insurmountable one, no matter how stuffed your drawers are, how many piles of mail you have on your countertops, Legos you have on your floor, or kids' artwork you have scattered throughout the house. It is possible to simplify the process and clear the clutter to see the blessings God has for us!

We're in this together, so join me each week for a healthy dose of organization and a whole lot of motivation!

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