Episode 58: The Undercellar Horror - Bernadette Sue Higginbothom: B**** At Church

The SpellCast D&D

09-12-2019 • 1 hr 16 mins

Down into the dark they go...off to fix a hindered flow. Brave they are, but they don't know...what their dancing lights will show.

It's time to finally start connecting the dots and get a clear picture of the evil that infects Baldur's Gate. The Undercellar door will be flung wide open, and our heroes will venture into its cloistered catacombs. Halexan has a double helping, Ront gets an idea for a large artificing/engineering project, Thiathel makes a strange trade, and Captain Bach Kaw finds a new crew!

With special guest Braeden Glenn Tuttle as the Aarakocra Rogue/Bard, Captain Bach Kaw!

The SpellCast D&D brings you a saga of high adventure! Join Adam Brooks (Dungeon Master/Storyteller), Pierre Viola (Ront Havenfair), Mike Vides (Halexan Wynalder), Gerald Acevedo (Conall Pending), Charlotte Raines (Sav’ah Rah Vicarro), Sam Ortiz (Azazel Makeus), and Kelsey Hogan (Thiathel Dalanadrin) as they navigate a perilous homebrew Faerun setting!

(Music courtesy of Magic Sword)

(Art by Rob Robbins)