Sunset Grid Episode 4 - Yeast Mires and Liver Wires

The SpellCast D&D

23-11-2020 • 49 mins

Our party descends down into the depths of the baseme--err, "Hell" of this abandoned Drunk-E-Cheezers in their continued search to locate a fabled, limited edition, mint condition Gizmo Furby doll. The warm, red glow of the exit sign in the lobby disappears from view as they enter the "Employees Faithful Only" section. Will the doughy underworld they discover become their grave?

Introducing Marissa Gonzalez as Connor!


The SpellCast brings you a new campaign that is drenched in the glow of neon lights and suffused with the sounds of synthwave! Sunset Grid transports our listeners to the Retroverse setting from the Lasers & Liches supplement for 5e D&D!

Our party has been tasked by their employer, an ancient laser dragon who goes by Reggie, to find the rarest collectible items ever to cross over into the Retroverse for his hoard. This quest will lead them across all nine quadrants on this face of the planet Cube. They will face off against shady paramilitary organizations, cosmic horrors, radioactive sludge cultists, and much, much more! Will they collect 'em all and mark off everything on Reggie's list?


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