Episode 8: The Hectic Hiatus

The SpellCast D&D

14-08-2017 • 1 hr 53 mins

After a harrowing journey in an unwelcoming pocket dimension, our heroes reach level 2! They also get an interview with a critically-acclaimed journalist about their exploits! Of course, what’s a little R&R and shopping time without a heaping helping of plot points thrown on top of you? (Hint: a lot of R, and even more R). Maybe it’s time for a vacation! Halexan gets some insight on his brother, Ront meets a celebrity and fangirls (AGAIN), and Conall begins a quest for cake.

The SpellCast brings you a saga of high adventure! Join Adam Brooks (Dungeon Master/Storyteller), Pierre Viola (Ront), Mike Vides (Halexan Wynalder), and Gerald Acevedo (Conall) as they navigate a perilous homebrew Faerun setting!

(Art by Rob Robbins)