Episode 64: The Undercellar Horror - My Armaconda Don't Want None

The SpellCast D&D

16-03-2020 • 54 mins

The final encounter of this arc has finally kicked off, and we promise a truly explosive showdown to round it out! The gang gets to meet the head of the snake for this particular scheme, and our heroes' semi-spiritual companions decide to kick things up a notch! Thiathel pops off a particularly nasty 4th-level spell, Idris yields to his feline nature and goes for the eyes, Saffron's got the fire, fire, fire, and she's gonna let it burn, burn, burn, Halexan gives a thiccc snakey boi the lion's share of his blade, and Ront shakes things up a bit.*

*read: A lot.**

**read: No, like, we really mean it.***

***read: Thunderstone is broken.

With special guests Tyler Carson as the Tabaxi Monk, Idris Macavity, and Julia Doi as the Tiefling Cleric, Saffron!

The SpellCast D&D brings you a saga of high adventure! Join Adam Brooks (Dungeon Master/Storyteller), Pierre Viola (Ront Havenfair), Mike Vides (Halexan Wynalder), Gerald Acevedo (Conall Pending), Charlotte Raines (Sav’ah Rah Vicarro), Sam Ortiz (Azazel Makeus), and Kelsey Hogan (Thiathel Dalanadrin) as they navigate a perilous homebrew Faerun setting!

(Music courtesy of Magic Sword)

(Art by Rob Robbins)