Geek Out: Post Trauma Growth In Stand-Up Comedy – Siris

Choosing A Different Future With Siris

14-07-2023 • 0 seconds

Choosing A Different Future With Siris  It may seem like an odd source for inspiration, but in my personal journey post trauma of evolving, healing and resilience and facilitating it with others, I have found humor helpful, and the stories and experiences shared by stand-up comedians incredibly beneficial. Their vulnerability, irreverence and strength through their jokes, self-deprecation and choices can start to shine a light on a path forward that we wouldn’t otherwise have perceived or considered. What if letting go of the past and growing post trauma could be easier and more fun than we have been told? In this episode, Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo, “Choosing It All Your Way” and “Being a Different Possibility” Coach, will geek out on her favorite stand-up comedians so you walk away with a list of memoirs, comedy specials and podcasts that will provide a hilarious way to release heaviness and have clarity beyond the negative experiences you’ve had. ~ More About Choosing A Different Future With Siris ~  Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo, Family and Child Coach, Speech-Language Pathologist and Therapeutic Energy Worker, will use her gifts to guide you to connect with your body, your awareness and other insightful, nurturing change agents around the world. This will support you to have more ease with choosing, creating, and receiving your way.   Truscience Liquid Collagen: Email us at with - Subject Line: Collagen for $10 off your first order.   To donate to our podcast and contribute to Siris' work with children, families and individuals around the world feel free to give: via Paypal using or via Venmo using @Siris_Rivas To get more of Choosing A Different Future With Siris, be sure to visit the podcast page for replays of all her shows here:

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