Went Out To See A Movie

Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions

25-10-2022 • 51 mins

Well so whats happening ,hows everybody doing this sunny Monday afternoon .Did i say Sunny ? What we're almost at the end of Oct and we're getting all this Sunshine? I'm not complaining just lap it up and enjoy it while it lasts .Yes i'm back again with my latest Podcast where we just dispence with all the current chit chat and just let the Music speak for itself .But going of topic for just a minute ,you should all definetly check out the movie Black Adam featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson very good flick highly enjoyable except for the last 20 minutes of the film where it got just a little bit cheesy and corny but other than that a really good movie.But i have a question ,whats with all these Lunatic drivers on the highway right now? while on our way to see Black Adam heading west on the highway there was a huge congestion of traffic caused no doubt by an accident ,we seen the ambulance and fire trucks closing of 2 lanes of the highway the thing is after we managed to get thru all that mess ,i noticed on the other side of the highway heading in the opposite direction there was another accident and a large congestion of traffic there also.Bloody hell drivers here don't seem to learn while just last week i must have witnessed about 5 incidents similar to this on the highway .All i got to say is drive safe and be smart .In the meantime check out my web links.

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