Man Is It Ever Hot

Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions

27-06-2022 • 59 mins

Well all i have to say is this and that is ,Is it hot out there or what? This past week has been super hot ,so hot that i have'nt been able to practice on any of my Instruments because the heat saps my strength and leaves me fatigued .Have'nt been able to do much this past week in all this heat .But I did manage to get this Podcast up for this week so check it out.Features a brand new track thats taken from my upcoming album that will be out in the fall.The track is called "How Come You Never Asked "? Also the band R&B Fusion Collective will be performing @ The Eastside Bar & Grill 750 Hamilton Road ,London ,Ontario on July the 15th which is on a Friday.They played a wicked gig in Kitchener last weekend so this upcoming gig will be killer.
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