Hello Again

Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions

17-09-2022 • 49 mins

Hello again and welcome back to another Podcast.Yes its been a hectic week which i shan't get into and bore you with the details,but yes here it is another Podcast bought to you from yours truely.Plus also if you do find that you like the Music you hear on this Podcast then visit the website @ www.seriousnubian.com and also @ www.seriousnubian.bandcamp.com
Any questions you may have about the Music ,Gear, questions about Composition then ask them @ the website or shoot me an e-mail to marcusdavis40@yahoo.ca.
Somewhere down the line my company will be looking @ making Short Films to Music but its in the future and i will make the announcement when everything is in place and set up .In the meantime enjoy the Podcast.