Holiday Season Already

Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions

21-12-2022 • 47 mins

Yes and here we are again for the newest latest Podcast of Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions. Man is it holiday season already ? I completely forgot ,but i have to say that i had a very rewarding experience at a Holiday Function i atteneded which involved food & beer.The host had some Music playing in the background which i could hear and was begining to grate on me a bit .You know how it goes during holiday season everyone starts putting on all the cheesy christmas themed tunes which in this case was Mariah Careys "All I Want For Christmas" Needless to say i soon put a stop to that ,not only am i a Musician i'm also also a Music critique .I changed the play list to something more listenable Earth Wind & Fire and the some Return To Forever the "Romantic Warrior" watching some of these millennials faces was a treat . But that music was and still is genius and stands the test of time After exposing them to this greatness i vacated and left them so that they could go back with their Justin Bieber ,Britany Spears and the rest of todays current tripe.But enough of that check out the links that i have attached to this message.

One more thing R&B Fusion Collective will be playing @ Market Brewing Company 17775 Leslie Street Unit # 4 Newmarket Ontario Dec 23rd

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