Here Is My Latest Effort

Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions

16-11-2022 • 51 mins

Yes i'm back and fully recovered from my previous injuries pertaining to my foot & back.Bloody nuisance i can tell you .But now i'v just published my latest Podcast of Original Music with Cutting Edge Grooves for you all to listen to.If you have any comments about the Music ,or Podcast or just saying hi all that other social stuff then e-mail
Speaking of Cutting Edge ,
I watched this Movie titled "Men" on Primetime last weekend .Its directed by Alex Garland the guy that directed that other Movie titled Ex Machina.But this latest effort you should definetly check it out if not for the whole movie but just the last 20 minutes of it ,i'm not going to do any reveals but if you do get around to watching it that last 20 minutes or so your jaw will definetly drop to the floor.I know i had to do a double take when i saw that part of it .But enough of that check out my links if you want to purchase any of the music tracks.