Bloody Hell i Banged Up My Foot

Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions

07-11-2022 • 50 mins

Hello and welcome back to another Podcast of the latest Episode of Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions.And bloody hell what a week its been. I managed to bang up my foot don't ask me how i did it i was just walking around the apartment one evening and the next day i'm hobbling about like an damed invalid .It hurt like hell to everytime i stepped on my foot the pain would go right thru the bottom of my foot and almost up thru my leg.I tell you it was bloody painful ,i was doing all kinds of cursing last week ,i even invented a few new curse words ,but thank goodness the pain is begining to subside and that i can actually walk without hobbling about and grimacing in agony.So give my latest Podcast a listen and check out all the weblinks.