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04-12-2022 • 45 mins

Hows it going folks back again for another Podcast Episode of Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions.Coming from the Studio out here in Beautiful Stoney Creek .Its also nice and sunny out here for the month of December.Have'nt even thought about Christmas just way too much to think about at the moment.Not big on Christmas anyways.But i have been checking out the world cup on TV.Don't want to talk about how Canada did ,i'm reading comments on some of these Forums online saying how proud of the team they are and all this other stuff.Bloody hell they lost ,they lost 3 games straight what gets me is how after loosing to Belgium their first match ( oh and by the way Belgium were definetly not at their best for this world cup) the coach is running his mouth saying how he's going to F**K Croatia up in the next game.Well we all saw what happened there.So i'm not going to say anymore on the subject.Canada reminds me of the West Indies Cricket Team who also Suck Ass !! My moneys on Brazil but France are looking pretty strong to so i'm predicting a final between Brazil and France.But enough chit chat about that and back to the Music visit the links and check out the Music .All the Music is available in Digital Downloading Format only.
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