Over-The-Edge Podcast

Podcast Created by: Christina Teh

Our mission is to help people in our community with common objectives to connect with one another and understand the word of God and how He walks us through our daily lives. Our discussions will let us explore how God has taken us "Over-The-Edge", and let us look at different views and questions that individuals have in today's world with respect to our changing lives.

Over-The-Edge Daily Devotion: More About You, LORD  - Inspired by Psalm 108:5Over-The-Edge Daily Devotion: Your Clear Light Of Truth  - Inspired by Psalm 43:3Over-The-Edge Daily Devotion: Sacrifice Of Confession  - Inspired by Psalm 98:8Over-The-Edge Daily Devotion: Safe With You  - Inspired by Psalm 103:1 - 2Over-The-Edge Daily Devotion: Time To Refocus  - Inspired by Psalm 95:6Over-The-Edge Daily Devotion: Exalt Jesus's Name  - Inspired by Psalm 89:5Over-The-Edge Daily Devotion: The Music Of My Life  - Inspired by Psalm 89:1Over-The-Edge Daily Devotion: Sanctuary  - Inspired by Psalm 73:27Over-The-Edge Daily Devotion: Forgive Me, Lord  - Inspired by Psalm 52:8Over-The-Edge Daily Devotion: A Refuge From Trouble  - Inspired by Psalm 71:3Over-The-Edge Daily Devotion: Rise Up And Sing  - Inspired by Psalm 10:16Over-The-Edge Daily Devotion: The Majesty Of Your Name  - Inspired by Psalm 8:9Over-The-Edge Daily Devotion: Search Me, O God  - Inspired by Psalm 139:23 (NIV 1984)Over-The-Edge Daily Devotion:  That God May Be GlorifiedOver-The-Edge Daily Devotion:  Careful To Maintain Good WorksOver-The-Edge Daily Devotion: Strength And IndwellingOver-The-Edge Daily Devotion: Love And DiscernmentOver-The-Edge Daily Devotion:  Praying And WorkingDoes Anyone Know What Time It is?Taking Jesus Aside