Episode 110 -- "Trick or Treat" (PODCAST EXCLUSIVE EPISODE)

MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories

27-02-2023 • 44 mins

Late one night in 2004, a young woman was asleep in her downstairs bedroom when she suddenly was awoken by a bright light shining in through her bedroom window. The motion sensor light outside on the garage had been tripped. The young woman, who was sitting on her bed by this point, squinted and tried to look outside to see what had caused this, but she couldn't see anything. And so she just assumed it had to have been a neighborhood cat or something that had tripped the sensor. So she lay back down and was nearly back to sleep when something else caused her to suddenly sit up wide awake in her bed. But this time, it was not a bright light, it was a sound. Footsteps to be exact, and these footsteps were not outside. They were inside her house, right outside of her bedroom door. Seconds later, this woman would live a nightmare.

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