4 - Advanci​ng Freedom through Culture

Liberty & Wine

05-07-2021 • 33 mins

For this fourth episode of Liberty & Wine, my guest is Lindy, a singer-songwriter and a long-time activist for the cause of freedom, as well as a personal friend of mine. We discuss his musical development, as well as the crucial importance for friends of freedom to be more involved in cultural creations such as movies, novels, and songs.

For this month’s wine, I will be reviewing a Rosé Champagne, more particularly the Forget Brimont Brut Premier Cru. At $55 a bottle, it offers an excellent quality-price ratio.

Stand Up For Freedom song : https://lindymusic.com/single/38868/stand-up-for-freedom

Stand Up For Freedom video : https://www.funfreedom.org/stand-up-for-freedom-lindy-vopnfjord/

Lindy’s website: https://lindymusic.com/music

Wine selection : https://www.vivino.com/CA/en/fr-forget-brimont-brut-rose-champagne-premier-cru/w/1743558