Conscious Landscapes


We abuse the land we see it as a commodity that belongs to us, when we see the land as a community in which we belong we may begin to use it with love and respect. This is a show that highlights those who fight for the land.  A sharing of hopeful visions and stories  that bring  us back to the land, a place that heals and replenishes us in a world that is in rapid transition.My hope is that we come to know we are a single whole with each other and nature, when we hurt nature we hurt ourselves.

We contextualize the Invasion of Ukraine by RussiaJoe Rogan, Cancel Culture Electoral Politics and why we fightSister Elizabeth Kelleher speaks about the moral need to build social housingNew Green Deal or Military Spending, which future will we fight forInternational Expert in Cross-Cultural Sustainability Phillip McMasterCharles Boylan a Life of ResistanceDr Qing Li on his new book Forest BathingHunter Madsen on Saving Bert Flinn ParkHot Living Through the Next 50 Years on EarthWelcome to Conscious Landscapes