Episode 11 - All You Had to Do Was Follow the F*cking Train

Tandem Canon - The Game-rific Podcast

17-10-2016 • 45 mins

Hey, Tandem Fam! Join us this week for this gangsta filled episode on why GTA: San Andreas was so groundbreaking out of all the GTA games, especially for black gamers. This week's Talk from Team Tandem indulges in the ball of cuteness that is Scribblenauts, Fallout Shelter addictions, Overwatch free play weekend and first impressions, Remember Me/Life is Strange Parallels, Farcry 4 and the illusion of choice, and kicking ass one turn at a time in Oz: The Broken Kingdom. We have some extra special shoutouts for our Tumblr fam for a certain Mass Effect post. Get your lists ready as we discuss our pre-holiday gaming wish lists. Let's level up!