Connections From Beyond-Allowing for Communication with Passed Loved Ones

When Spirit Calls

11-01-2023 • 38 mins

Have you lost someone you love deeply? Do you yearn for them to be in the physical again so you can hold them, be with them, laugh with them once again? Energy worker and medium, Diane, shares her story about how her son transitioned and her experience in still having to live and love here on this side. Through writing a book about her son and the experience, she found deeper connection and healing. Forgiveness, compassion and the sheer will of a mother allows Diane to move forward and now enables her to support others who have experienced loss.

About the Guest:

Diane Quartly is an energy worker who used her incredible psychic abilities to find her way through the agony of loss and grief. Her son Travis was run over and killed by one of her best friends. Diane talks about how she moved through the pain from trauma to peace. Her book “About a Blue Angel” speaks about the tragedy and how she navigated the most difficult period in her life. Diane’s main focus is to give evidence of an afterlife and confirmation that connections can be made with loved ones who have crossed over. She is a positive and knowledgeable Medium who encourages you to explore, understand and tune into your own unique vibrational frequency. Hers is a story that will no doubt take you on a powerful journey and perhaps even bring you a little comfort, peace and understanding while processing the loss of a loved one.

To learn more about Diane’s workshops check out her website or her book About a Blue Angel is available on Amazon.

About the Host:

DeeAnne Riendeau is a thought leader in spiritual and business development who’s mission is to elevate how we think and live. Experiencing a life of chronic illness, and 2 near death experiences, DeeAnne rebounded with 20 years of health education and a diverse health career.

She is known as the modern day Willy Wonka for giving away her company Your Holistic Earth, which is the first holistic health care system of its kind. She is currently the owner of Rose Hope International, in which she helps those who are seeking more joy, love, freedom, and a deeper meaning in life using your souls library also known as the Akashic Records.

She has spoken at Harvard University, appeared on Shaw TV, Global Television, and CTV and has been recognized as a visionary and business leader having been nominated for numerous awards including Alberta Business of Distinction. Along with being an entrepreneur, DeeAnne is a mom of 2 bright kids, publisher, popular speaker and international bestselling author who uses her heart and her head to guide others to create their best life.

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