FE3.2 - Nature, by Design? The Path to the Wilderness Lodge (Part 2)

Future Ecologies

25-11-2020 • 45 mins

This episode is the second in a 3-part series. Before listening to this one, you may want to catch up with https://www.futureecologies.net/listen/fe-3-1-nature-by-design-pt1 (FE3.1 - Nature, by Design? Part 1: Taking the Neo-Eoscenic Route) As we continue to discuss the practice of ecological restoration, an important question emerges: is wilderness itself an illusion? We all have a picture of wilderness in our minds, but how did that image come to be? Join us for a tale of two simulacra. For musical credits, citations, and more, https://www.futureecologies.net/listen/fe-3-1-nature-by-design-pt2 (click here.) https://www.futureecologies.net/transcript-guidelines (Please consider adopting an episode for transcription) https://www.patreon.com/futureecologies (Support the show and join our Patreon community) Support this podcast