Scales of Change - Chapter 6: Relatives of the Deep

Future Ecologies

02-07-2020 • 55 mins

In our sixth genus, we dive deep into the Dragons of Sunk Cost – the investments that work against our climate interests. Some of these may simply be financial, but they may also be emotional: our goals and aspirations, our patterns of behaviour, and our attachments to the places around us. In this episode, we focus our attention on Place Attachment, as we tag along with the https://www.sgicommunityresources.ca/climate-action-project/ (ṮEṮÁĆES Climate Action Project): a W̱SÁNEĆ-led eco-cultural revitalization project. To learn more about the Dragons of Climate Inaction (+ musical credits, citations, and more) visit https://www.futureecologies.net/dragons (futureecologies.net/dragons) Support this podcast