FE3.4 - Dama Drama

Future Ecologies

27-01-2021 • 56 mins

Guest producers Sadie Couture and Russell Gendron explore the concept of invasive species through a look at a small island community, a species doing some serious damage to the ecosystem, and the complex issues at play when a plant or animal moves into a new territory. Sadie and Russell talk to current and former residents of Mayne Island, Indigenous elders, and conservation professionals to think through what it means to call something an “invasive species,” how to manage our ever-changing relationships to plants and animals, and how we might prepare for the certainty of change in the future. This episode was originally a short piece on the http://mayneislandsoundmap.com/ (Mayne Island Sound Map), entitled “The Joy of Cooking Fenison.” – – – We rely on listener support to make this work possible. Support Future Ecologies for $1/month, and join the producers for a discord Ask-Us-Anything on February 3rd https://www.patreon.com/futureecologies (https://www.patreon.com/futureecologies) – – – For musical credits, citations, and photos https://www.futureecologies.net/listen/fe-3-4-dama-drama (click here.) Support this podcast