Two announcements for World Soil Day

Future Ecologies

04-12-2020 • 3 mins

Tomorrow (Saturday Dec 5) is World Soil Day, and there are many exciting things underfoot! The Shape of a Circle in the Mind of A Fish: The Understory of the UnderstoryThe 4th annual festival from the Serpentine Galleries Live streaming Saturday and Sunday (12pm - 5:45pm GMT) Register and attend for free: https://themind.fish (themind.fish) Festival trailer: https://youtu.be/6_vz_avr8Js (https://youtu.be/6_vz_avr8Js) Life in the soilA new podcast collaboration by Anja Krieger and the Plant, Fungus, and Soil Ecology Lab at the Freie Universität Berlin Episode 1 launches Saturday Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud Or listen online at https://rilliglab.org/podcast/ (https://rilliglab.org/podcast/) Podcast teaser: https://soundcloud.com/mrillig/teaser-life-in-the-soil-podcast (https://soundcloud.com/mrillig/teaser-life-in-the-soil-podcast) Support this podcast