FE3.8 - Goatwalker: Sanctuary (Part 2)

Future Ecologies

02-06-2021 β€’ 55 mins

In the early 1980s, the outbreak of civil war across Central America forced unprecedented numbers of refugees to seek asylum in the United States, putting the recently passed 'Refugee Act' of 1980 to the test. There was just one catch: the Reagan Administration was providing funding to right-wing governments that most of these refugees were fleeing. As a result, Central American refugees making the dangerous journey to the U.S.-Mexico borderlands were being intercepted, denied asylum, and summarily deported. As this crisis unfolded, a ragtag group of self-proclaimed 'goatherds errant', led by philosopher-turned-rancher Jim Corbett, took it upon themselves to enact U.S. immigration law at the grassroots level. In so doing, they sparked a national movement that continues to the present day, turning the concept of 'civil disobedience' upside-down. This is the story of the Sanctuary movement – the 2nd part of a 4-part series. From Future Ecologies, this is Goatwalker, Part Two: Sanctuary. πŸ‘‰ https://www.futureecologies.net/listen/fe-3-7-goatwalker-pt-1-on-errantry (We suggest you start with Part One of this series) πŸ‘ˆ – – – For musical credits, citations, and more, https://www.futureecologies.net/listen/fe-3-8-goatwalker-pt2-sanctuary (click here.) https://www.patreon.com/futureecologies (Support the show and join our Patreon). We've got bonus episodes, stickers, patches, and a rad discord community. – – – As of August 2021, Jim Corbett’s "Goatwalking" has been re-issued in a new 2nd edition. https://www.amazon.com/Goatwalking-Wildland-Living-Peaceable-Kingdom/dp/B09BLBRD77/ (You can purchase a hard copy or an e-book here) A 2nd edition of "Sanctuary for All Life" is also now available from Cascabel Books on https://www.amazon.ca/Sanctuary-All-Life-Pastoralism-Kingdom/dp/1735441546/ (Amazon) or https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/sanctuary-for-all-life-jim-corbett/1007779864?ean=9781735441542 (Barnes and Noble) Support this podcast