Money Honeys with Freddie, Chantel, & Dev


Money is hard. It makes people, it breaks people, it causes stress. Money Honeys is here to help! In stark opposition to the mostly-male Forbes' list of billionaires, ex-Buzzfeed producers Chantel, Devin, and Freddie endeavor to break down the many barriers between you and a lifetime of financial security. Unlike most financial podcasts, we're here to crack the code for people like us, who didn’t come from wealth or a legacy of successful wealth management. Pulling from our large network of entrepreneurs, financial experts, business insiders, and those who manage money everyday, we (and you) will gain the financial knowledge to stay debt-free and finally understand the difference between a 401K and a W-2. We all dream of being worry-free when it comes to money. While we can’t promise to make you a millionaire overnight, we can promise to bring you the advice, knowledge, and confidence to make sound financial decisions, maximize your finances, and finally put that hard-earned cash to work for you. read less