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Adulting isn't easy, but we got you. Teach Me How To Adult is a smart, unfiltered podcast on everything you never learned growing up, from crushing your career and love life to balancing budgets and wellness. We chat with experts and hustlers who serve up #realtalk and actionable tips on navigating adulthood like a boss. We’re diving deep on everything: Investing! Career advice! Taxes! Homeownership! Relationship goals! Mental health! Fitness! Folding a fitted sheet!? Trying to kill it at this whole adult thing? Follow along as we figure it out together.

The Quickie: How To Protect Yourself Online
Let’s be honest, according to our phone’s screen time reports, we’re all spending a helluva lot of time online. And whether you’re logging on for business or pleasure, there are a lot of risks online that can be so financially or personally devastating.But don’t worry friends, we’ve got you covered this week with tips for keeping your identity, your cashmoney, your sensitive photos, and everything else safe online from all the Anna Sorokin and Tinder Swindlers out there.Join us as we chat about:Protecting yourself from leaked photos and phone hacksHow to avoid getting catfished on dating appsProtecting your personal identity/banking info onlineHow to make a smart passwordThe benefits of an online security protection planThe most common fraud calls/emails you can fall victim toKeeping your mental health safe by avoiding trolls and cyberbulliesWe hope this episode helps empower you to protect yourself online! Special thanks to Telus Online Security for sponsoring today’s episode! Check out TELUS Online Security, powered by Norton — Canada's most comprehensive, all-in-one protection for your devices, online privacy, and identity, starting from just $10 per month. Learn more at Telus.com/onlinesecurity. Conditions apply. For show notes and more adulting tips, visit:teachmehowtoadult.caSign up for our monthly adulting newsletter:teachmehowtoadult.ca/newsletter Follow us on the ‘gram:@teachmehowtoadultpodcast Follow Gillian:@yunggillianaire/Follow Cailyn:@cailynmichaan/
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Teach Me How To Ditch Toxic Positivity and Feel for Real, with Psychotherapist Whitney Goodman
Unpopular opinion: It’s NOT always healthy to find the silver lining in everything. Some things just suck, and we don’t always need to look on the bright side, at the expense of *actually* processing hard feelings. Our culture is obsessed with a “good vibes only,” and “everything happens for a reason” state of mind that makes us feel like we’re failing if we’re not happy 100% of the time. Trying to see the positive isn’t always positive, sometimes shit happens that doesn’t make us stronger, and we’re ready to break up with toxic positivity so we can fully experience our emotions AND our loved ones’ feelings. (Because nothing is worse than platitudes.) So this week we called in author and psychotherapist, Whitney Goodman, to help us ditch toxic positivity and get real with our emotions. Whitney is the author of the book Toxic Positivity, a columnist for Psychology Today and appears regularly in publications like The New York Times and Teen Vogue. No one should have to pretend that everything’s ok when it isn’t, so if you’re looking for some validation, you’ve come to the right place!Join us as we chat about:The signs of toxic positivity and why it gets in the way of your healing Finding the balance between optimism, negativity and toxic positivity How to deal with friends and family who dismiss your strugglesThe productive VS annoying way to complain The impact of social media on toxic positivity How to show up for others in a supportive wayWe hope this episode helps you deal with your shit  and feel all of your very valid feelings.For show notes and more adulting tips, visit:teachmehowtoadult.caSign up for our monthly adulting newsletter:teachmehowtoadult.ca/newsletter Follow us on the ‘gram:@teachmehowtoadultpodcast Follow Gillian:@yunggillianaireFollow Cailyn:@cailynmichaanFollow Whitney:sitwithwhit.com@sitwithwhitToxic Positivity: Keeping It Real in a World Obsessed with Being Happy
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The Quickie: How To Hack Your MemoryEpisode 64: Teach Me How To Own My Orgasms and Pleasure, with Sex Coach Portia Brown
Friends, this week’s episode is a juicyyy one! We sat down with sex coach and educator Portia Brown to chat all things orgasms and how to take control of your own pleasure. Because there’s an embarrassing amount we don’t know about our own sexual physiology, and we’re SO ready to take self-care to the next level by creating a pleasure practice that helps us tune into our body and mind. This is such an inspiring conversation that is guaranteed to help you take control of your orgasms and incorporate pleasure (in its many forms, as we learned) into your daily routine. Because you deserve alllllll the O’s, and they don’t have to be elusive. Portia is the founder of Froetic Sexology, a website, social media platform and coaching practice that helps women find their power through pleasure. Her expansive sex coaching methods help women tap into mindfulness and ritual to help them reconnect with themselves. She’s been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Glamour UK,  and podcasts such as “Doing It” with Hannah Witton, and “Am I Making You Uncomfortable” from Huffington Post.Join us as we chat about:How to create your own pleasure practiseThe different ways to achieve your big OTips for orgasming with a partnerBreaking through your own mental/physical barriersHow breathwork can enhance pleasureHow orgasms *actually* feelFun ways to initiate sexGaining confidence in the bedroomWe hope this episode inspires you to maximize your pleasure and prioritize YOU.For show notes and more adulting tips, visit:teachmehowtoadult.caSign up for our monthly adulting newsletter:teachmehowtoadult.ca/newsletter Follow us on the ‘gram:@teachmehowtoadultpodcast Follow Gillian:@yunggillianaireFollow Cailyn:@cailynmichaaninstagram.com/cailynmichaan/Follow Portia:portiabrowncoaching.com/@portiabrowncoaching
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The Quickie: How To Be More DecisiveThe Quickie: How To Have More EnergyThe Quickie: We Turned Two! Our Biggest Life Lessons LearnedTeach Me How To Get Through A Breakup, with Relationship Coach Lindsey Ellison
If you’re fresh out of a breakup and are feeling alllll of the feels, this one's for you. Navigating a breakup is never easy, but you’re far from alone. A study last year showed 25% of Canadians between the ages of 18-24 split up during the pandemic, and 5 million Canadians have experienced a recent breakup. Experts say it can take 6-8 weeks to get over the initial intensity of heartbreak, but with a lack of access during lockdowns to the normal stuff we do to get over our exes, and an ongoing mental health crisis, the “getting over it” part has been hard lately. That leaves us with the inner work we have to do: Finding out who we are again, rewriting our narratives, filling that void, and loving ourselves first. We called in breakup expert Lindsey Ellison to help us fall in love with our life again and manifest the dream partner that we deserve. Because when you can feel happy on your own, you're raising the bar for the next partner you bring into your life.Lindsey is a relationship coach who helps people navigate breakups or divorce. She’s the author of the best selling book, MAGIC Words: How to Get What You Want from a Narcissist, and host of the popular podcast, Unbreakable You: Breakup Without Being Broken.Listen to our chat to learn more about:Gill’s biggest advice for navigating a breakupHow to know when it’s time to leave a relationshipThe best way to heal and change your mindset after a breakupHow the type of breakup you’re going through affects your recovery time/processTips for getting over trust issuesManaging triggers and relationship remindersHow to avoid becoming jaded or cynical about loveBuilding up your confidence after heartbreak​​We hope this episode helps you get through the tough moments, and inspires you to start putting your needs first.For show notes and more adulting tips, visit: teachmehowtoadult.ca Sign up for our monthly adulting newsletter:teachmehowtoadult.ca/newsletter Follow Lindsey:https://lindseyellison.com/@lindsey_ellisonFollow us on the ‘gram:instagram.com/teachmehowtoadultpodcast Follow Gillian:@yunggillianaireFollow Cailyn:@cailynmichaan
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Teach Me How To Have A Thriving Love Life With The 5 Love Languages
Love week is right around the corner so we’re throwing it back to this gem from 2021 where we dive into the five Love Languages, what they mean, and tips for dating each type.ICYMI, The Five Love Languages was written by marriage counsellor, Dr. Gary Chapman, and has sold over twelve million copies worldwide! We’re not kidding when we say it’s been a game changer for people all over the world…it’s literally been on the New York Times best-sellers list since 2007! Dr. Chapman noticed that couples often came to him with the same concern: “I feel like my partner doesn’t love me.” Starting to recognize a pattern, he discovered that there were five categories on how people could give their partner the love they need: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch.And these don’t only apply to romantic relationships. You can also practise self-care for yourself using the 5 love languages, and use them to form stronger relationships with your friends, family and coworkers!Listen to our chat to learn more about:How to practice self-care using the 5 love languagesThe importance ‘Words of Affirmation’ play in making you feel understoodHow to spend ‘Quality Time’ together when you see each other 24/7 or are in a LDRWhy ‘Receiving Gifts’ isn’t as superficial as it soundsHow ‘Acts of Service’ can make your partner’s dayWhy ‘Physical Touch’ is more than just sexy timeTwo easy ways to find yours and your partner’s love languageCailyn’s top love languages and how learning them made her relationship thriveGill’s top love languages and how they can change throughout her lifeWe hope this episode helps you tap into your love language for you and the people you love! Mentioned in this episode:Coach CareyAurelia Box Lingerie Subscription Date Night In A BoxTake Dr.Chapman’s free quiz to find out your love languageFor show notes and more adulting tips, visit:teachmehowtoadult.ca Sign up for our monthly adulting newsletter:teachmehowtoadult.ca/newsletter Follow us on the ‘gram:instagram.com/teachmehowtoadultpodcast Follow Gillian:instagram.com/yunggillianaire/Follow Cailyn:instagram.com/cailynmichaan/
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Teach Me How To Be Alone But Not Lonely
Humans are social animals – we thrive off connection – and after two years of almost constant isolation and working from home, people are feeling lonelier than ever. But being alone and being lonely are two very different things, and we’re here to tell you that getting comfortable spending time on your own can be the ultimate game-changer for your health, happiness and relationships.It’s all about reframing our idea of being alone. After all, personal time is a luxury in our busy lives, and making space to relax, reflect or get creative in solitude has amazing positive outcomes. Even if you thrive off social connection (we see you, extroverts!), finding fulfillment on your own is essential. So, this week we’re exploring how to combat loneliness and enjoy being alone! Tune in as we chat about:Why people are feeling lonelier than everHow alone time can help you learn about yourselfThe importance of finding personal hobbiesThe real reason those “mental health walks” do wondersThe power of microconnections and how to make themWays to be part of a communityRedefining your narrative and shifting your mindsetThe mental health benefits of giving backHow to increase your productivity during alone timeWe hope this episode helps you feel a little less lonely and embrace the beauty of time with yourself!For show notes and more adulting tips, visit:teachmehowtoadult.caSign up for our monthly adulting newsletter:teachmehowtoadult.ca/newsletter Follow us on the ‘gram:instagram.com/teachmehowtoadultpodcast Follow Gillian:instagram.com/yunggillianaire/Follow Cailyn:instagram.com/cailynmichaan/
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The Quickie: Our Top 8 Tips for Launching a BusinessThe Quickie: How To Start Saving Money... Today!The Quickie: How To Manifest What You Want This Year
This year, instead of setting goals for ourselves and then promptly forgetting them, we’re focused on being intentional with our objectives and making sure we achieve them. Enter manifestation. If you’ve been anywhere near the internet lately you’ve probably heard the buzz around manifestation, and honestly the whole concept sounded too good to be true. So, this week, we’re digging deeper to find out if any of the hype is real, or if TikTok has made us all lose our minds. Spoiler alert: manifestation works (but it takes a little more effort than just asking the universe to step in)! This quickie is all about the science behind manifesting your dreams into reality, and how to incorporate intentions, visualization and affirmations into your daily life. There’s no magic or snake oil involved, we promise. So join us in starting 2022 off right with our official no-BS guide to using manifestation to master your mindset and get what you want.Tune in to learn more about: The intentions Gill and Cailyn are focusing on this yearSetting clear, actionable goalsThe benefits of visualization (and how to do it)Creating positive change through affirmationsHow to take action and *actually* achieve your dreamsWe hope this episode helps you approach your life with an abundance mindset and inspires you to manifest your dreams into realty in 2022.For show notes and more adulting tips, visit:teachmehowtoadult.caSign up for our monthly adulting newsletter:teachmehowtoadult.ca/newsletter Follow us on the ‘gram:instagram.com/teachmehowtoadultpodcast Follow Gillian:instagram.com/yunggillianaire/Follow Cailyn:instagram.com/cailynmichaan/
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The Quickie: How To Survive The Holidays With Your Mental Health IntactTeach Me How To Have Adult AF Etiquette, with Myka Meier
This week’s episode is a topic you may not have realized you needed to learn way more about…modern etiquette! But this is NOT a stuffy table manners lecture about minding your P’s and Q’s. According to today’s guest, etiquette expert Myka Meier, modern etiquette is about being kind, thoughtful and respectful, presenting your best self, and having the emotional intelligence and social skills to go anywhere with confidence. Sign us up!Myka has been coined the “Marie Kondo of etiquette”. She even trained in London under a member of The Royal Household of the Queen — YAS QUEEN!She started Beaumont Etiquette, which offers courses on etiquette that are super relevant to society today. She brings a fresh and modern perspective to manners, breaking down the stereotype that etiquette is stuffy or outdated. She co-founded The Plaza Hotel’s Finishing Program, and is the author of the two best selling books: Modern Etiquette Made Easy and Business Etiquette Made Easy. Tune in as we answer all your Qs on:When should you bring a hostess giftAppropriate engagement, wedding and shower giftsHow to (politely) remind someone to pay you backWhen you should send a thank you noteHow to dress for weddings, funerals and job interviews.How to set a standard table settingHandling the bill on a first dateHow do you make a good first impression in a job interview or meetingWhere to sit in a boardroomHow to network and self-promote tastefullyThe 101 on business dining etiquetteWe hope this episode empowers you to walk into your next social situation feeling totally prepared and confident!For show notes and more adulting tips, visit:teachmehowtoadult.caSign up for our monthly adulting newsletter:teachmehowtoadult.ca/newsletter Follow us on the ‘gram:instagram.com/teachmehowtoadultpodcast Follow Myka:@mykameierBuy her books: Modern Etiquette Made Easy: A Five-Step Method to Mastering EtiquetteBusiness Etiquette Made Easy: The Essential Guide to Professional SuccessFollow Gillian:instagram.com/yunggillianaire/Follow Cailyn:instagram.com/cailynmichaan/
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Teach Me How To Spice Up My Sex Life, with Dr. Jess O’Reilly
Let’s talk about sex, baby! If you, like us, believe the sex-ed we got in school was a total joke… this one’s for you. We’re talking communication, sexting, pleasure, technique, toys, kinks, and yes… butt stuff.We grew up in a time when there was so much shame surrounding sex, especially around female pleasure, and that still affects the way a lot of us navigate our own sexuality. But the best way to counter that, is to normalize and talk about it. Because one of the key cornerstones of a solid relationship is great sex, and for those who aren’t in relationships, a huge part of figuring out who you are and what you like is exploring sex. So in our latest episode, we called in sexpert extraordinaire, Dr. Jess O’Reilly. Dr. Jess is a sexologist (PhD), relationship expert, best-selling author and TV personality. She has worked with thousands of couples around the world to transform their sexual relationships, and she’s the host of the hit reality series Swing, and hosts Intimately You on CityTV.Join us as we discuss:How much sex, conversations in the bedroom, sexting, and toy play YOU guys are havingNavigating different libidos and desire levels Sexual compatibility and bridging the gap between different erotic preferences Asking for what you *really* want in the bedroom and giving (constructive!) feedback Overcoming shame and insecurity so you can be a more open-minded loverHot tips for getting confident with dirty talk and sextingTaking your pleasure to the next level with different penetrative techniques Dr. Jess’s top ways to reconnect and turn up the heat for relationships that are stuck in a sex rutThe best sex toys to try right now How to prep for and work up to butt play For show notes and more adulting tips, visit:teachmehowtoadult.caSign up for our monthly adulting newsletter:teachmehowtoadult.ca/newsletter Follow us on the ‘gram:instagram.com/teachmehowtoadultpodcast Follow Dr. Jesssexwithdrjess.com  instagram.com/sexwithdrjesspodcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sex-with-dr-jess/id1166227345Buy her books: https://www.amazon.com/Jessica-OReilly/e/B009LQRI8GFollow Gillian:instagram.com/yunggillianaire/Follow Cailyn:instagram.com/cailynmichaan/
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The Quickie: How To Get Out Of A Rut
19 mins
The Quickie: How To Know When It's Time To Quit
We’ve all heard the saying “quitters never win and winners never quit”…it’s a mindset instilled in us from an early age, but is it *really* true? Spoiler alert: no, it is not. Letting something go when it’s no longer right for you isn’t a weakness or a failure. Be it a job, a relationship or even a habit, making the difficult decision to quit something can be the ultimate act of self-preservation. Seriously, we’re big fans of moving on from jobs or situations that don’t serve us, and quitting has led to some of our biggest successes!We’re living through The Great Resignation right now with North Americans quitting their jobs at record high rates, and if we’ve collectively learned anything from the last two chaotic years, it’s that our BS tolerance is at an all-time low, and we deserve to start prioritizing the things that bring us joy, growth and fulfillment. #YOLO!So, this week we’re flipping the script on quitting and redefining success for ourselves. There’s only 24-hours in a day, let’s make sure they’re filled with the stuff that matters.Join us as we discuss:Redefining the narrative around quittingWhy society is entering "The Great Resignation"How to know when it's time to quitOur biggest lessons for letting goWhat quitting can mean for your career and for creating new opportunitiesChoosing yourself over toxic situationsHow to quit well and leave on a high noteWe hope this episode helps guide your decisions, and empowers you to find success on your own terms. You got this!For show notes and more adulting tips, visit:teachmehowtoadult.caSign up for our monthly adulting newsletter:teachmehowtoadult.ca/newsletter Follow us on the ‘gram:instagram.com/teachmehowtoadultpodcast Follow Gillian:instagram.com/yunggillianaire/Follow Cailyn:instagram.com/cailynmichaan/
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Teach Me How To Navigate Adult Friendships, with Friendship Coach Danielle Bayard Jackson
We can find support for nearly every aspect of our lives these days, from our careers to our mental health. But when it comes to friendships, there's virtually nothing out there to help us maintain and strengthen our relationships with some of the most important people in our lives.As two besties and business partners, Gillian & Cailyn know all too well the impact that having strong friendships can have on your life. So we called in friendship coach and expert Danielle Bayard Jackson to help us level up our friendships and show up as supportive BFFs. TBH, after the past year and a half of social distancing, this is the episode you didn't know you needed to help you feel more connected with your #girlgang. Danielle is a certified friendship coach and national speaker dedicated to teaching women how to create and maintain meaningful friendships through her company, Friend Forward. She’s also the host of the Friend Forward podcast, and she dishes out amazing advice and hilarious videos on IG and TikTok, so be sure to follow her for allll the game-changing friend advice!Join us as we chat about:Our biggest friendship lessons and realizations How to address conflicts in a healthy wayMaintaining your friendships when you’re in different life stagesHow to get better at taking and receiving criticismClear signs that it might be time to end a friendship and how to do it Tips for setting boundaries when you can’t spend as much time togetherHow we can show up as better friends for the people we loveWe hope this episode inspires you to build a stronger relationship with your friends or help you take the steps to let go of the ones that are no longer serving you. For show notes and more adulting tips, visit:teachmehowtoadult.caSign up for our monthly adulting newsletter:teachmehowtoadult.ca/newsletter Follow us on the ‘gram:@teachmehowtoadultpodcast Follow Danielle:IG: @daniellebayardjacksonbetterfemalefriendships.com/membershipIG: @friendforwardTikTok:@thefriendshipexpertFollow Gillian:IG: yunggillianaireFollow Cailyn:IG: cailynmichaan
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The Quickie: How to Break a Bad Habit in 5 Steps
Let’s be real, we’ve all got bad habits that are less than beneficial to our wellbeing. Whether it’s scrolling Instagram for hours or being late to everything – it’s time to admit that a big part of adulting is recognizing our own troublesome habits and doing the work to change them. We’re all about growth here at Teach Me How To Adult, people!The good news is: bad habits aren’t actually that hard to shake once you break it down. When we understand the psychology behind our patterns we can rewire our routines and start replacing them with good habits, instead. Revolutionary, we know!So we’re getting to the bottom of all our bad habits in this week’s Quickie and breaking down the 5 steps to break free of them!Join us as we chat about:The psychology behind how bad habits are formedGetting clear on why you *need* to change your habitIdentifying what triggers your actionsHow to replace your habit and why quitting cold turkey won’t work Gill & Cailyn’s bad habits and how they’re breaking themWhy its key to focusing on consistency vs. perfectionThe research-backed ways an accountability-buddy can keep you on courseWe hope this episode helps you curb some of your not so cute habits and make room for some more positive ones!Download our free habit tracker to track your progress:teachmehowtoadult.ca/habitsFor show notes and more adulting tips, visit:teachmehowtoadult.caSign up for our monthly adulting newsletter:teachmehowtoadult.ca/newsletter Follow us on the ‘gram:instagram.com/teachmehowtoadultpodcast Follow Gillian:instagram.com/yunggillianaire/Follow Cailyn:instagram.com/cailynmichaan/
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