The fabulist who saved D-Day

The Power of One

08-11-2019 • 39 mins

On this 75th anniversary year of D-day, the world marked the invasion that started the liberation of France from Nazi rule. Forgotten in the celebrations was a lynchpin of that operation, a man operating very far from the front.
Juan Pujol Garcia was perhaps the most important spy from WWII. As Agent GARBO, he walked into the innermost circles of the Third Reich, earned the Nazis’ trust, and fed them a pack of lies. His tour de force: persuading the Germans of a fabulously fake Allies battle plan for D-Day that diverted their troops and made the Normandy landings a success. A Spanish chicken farmer turned double agent, he tricked the Nazis, fooled his own wife, and helped the Allies win the war.

GUESTS: Jason Webster, author of The Spy with 29 Names; Nigel West, author of Operation Garbo: The Personal Story of the Most Successful Spy of World War II