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Episode 18: Stephanie Styll (@killjoy_nash) and Brandon Styll (@brandon_nrr)
Episode 18: Stephanie Styll (@killjoy_nash) and Brandon Styll (@brandon_nrr)
Hey y'all!! Welcome back to the podcast I am so excited to be bringing you new episodes! This is a special one, I have not one, but two sober guests doing great work in Nashville who happen to also be brother and sister. Today I'm speaking with Stephanie Styll who is the founder/owner of Killjoy, Nashville's first non-alcoholic bottle shop and all around badass sober woman. Her sobriety date is 10/3/20 and she talks about how her young son was one of the biggest catalysts for her choice to go alcohol free. She's passionate about bringing the NA beverage market to Nashville (something I'm personally SO grateful for!) and creating a community for those looking to reevaluate their relationship with booze. Brandon Styll is an executive in the Nashville hospitality industry as well as the host of the podcast "Nashville Restaurant Radio." His sober date is 10/28/19 and Brandon shares his story with us with so much honesty and vulnerability. His decision came after a rock bottom moment led him to an AA meeting. He credits the 12 steps and the support of his family and community for his success in sobriety. Brandon also mentions a wonderful resource for sober professionals in the food and beverage industry called "Ben's Friends" follow them and find meetings @bensfriendshopeTheir sober journeys are very different in so many ways, but the way these two support and encourage each other is so inspiring to me. I know you're going to love this conversation!Follow Stephanie and her shop @killjoy_nash Follow Brandon @brandon_nrr and his podcast @nashville_restaurant_radioThanks for listening and as always please follow and connect with me, Kristen! @creativesobriety Onward we go.