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Joy Ridenour - Professional Organizer, Productivity Success Coach for ADHD Moms

Productivity and Home Organization for Moms with ADHD Are you tired of feeling like the only Stay-At-Home mom who can‘t get her act together? You know you have time while the kids are gone - and you feel like you are busy - but you drift from one completely unrelated task to another, focus on things that really don‘t matter, and avoid the tasks that need to get done... Then all of the sudden you realize it is time to grab the kids and you feel that you‘ve accomplished nothing. Welcome Home! This is the Joy Loving Home Podcast. I‘m Joy Ridenour, wife, mom of 4, & unorganized professional organizer! I have a heart for ADHD moms and kids. After spending years learning and organizing for other people I realized that there is a real need to turn the concept of being well planned and organized upside down. It shouldn‘t be created by Type A, naturally organized people as a way to ”fix” you and your home! Organizing, planning & productivity should FIT the way your brain thinks. Albert Einstein said ”Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” Well fish, lets quit trying to climb trees while being given tips by monkeys who cannot understand how our brains think. Join me in the water and learn how to swim with the current of your life! It is time to say YES to unorganized organization and flexible productivity! This podcast is for you if: * You feel trapped by rigid schedules and overwhelming to do lists. * You always feel chaotic and like you are pulled in a million directions. * You feel like you are failing to meet expectations and always letting someone down. Truth Bomb: Nothing is wrong with you! Your ADHD brain works differently than the neurotypical brain. We can learn to use the best parts of our brains to our advantage! Life doesn‘t have to be so hard, we just have to take the path less traveled. Let me be your guide. Let‘s have grace in our struggles and encouragement as we strive to make some changes that align with our family first priorities. We can stay intentionally flexible with our plans and learn to navigate life with ADHD while creating space in our lives and our homes for spontaneous joy! Join me as we work to improve our productivity and simplify our homes in new ways, together! Email - Community - Website - IG - read less