#76: Transforming Lives: Mental Health Support and Veteran Transitions – with Maria Cherjovsky

Make Your Move with Gene Moran

07-08-2023 • 30 mins

On this episode of Make Your Move, Maria Cherjovsky, the CEO of the Camaraderie Foundation, shares insights about the organization's mission to support individuals with mental health challenges, transitions, and PTSD, ultimately saving lives and preventing suicide.


Maria discusses the Camaraderie Foundation’s various programs and services provided by the Camaraderie Foundation, including mental health counseling, support for families, employment opportunities for veterans, and a mental leadership program for professional guidance. Maria also highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workforce and shares her personal journey as a first-generation immigrant striving to create change. As we delve deeper into our discussion, Maria provides valuable insights into the challenges faced by military personnel transitioning from active service to civilian life. With her expertise in education, consulting, and workforce development, Maria sheds light on the importance of creating pathways to education and employability for everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Join us as we explore the incredible work of the Camaraderie Foundation and discover how their efforts are making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals facing mental health challenges and transitions.


00:40 – 04:59 Immigrating to a new country is a challenge.

05:00 – 16:09 You can settle on where society stands or you can make a change.

16:10 – 23:29 Creating transformation in people’s lives.

23:30 – 30:24 Connecting with people and the community.


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