How can a family business win the long game?

The Family Business Voice

28-10-2022 • 16 mins

On this episode of the Family Business Voice, John Giovannini speaks with Ramia about having to plan 15 years into the future because of long production cycles, the importance of holding on to biodiversity in the caviar industry and how his father's dream developed over time.

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- As it takes 10-15 years for a sturgeon fingerling to grow large enough to produce caviar, the Giovannini family have to plan far into the future. An operational reality that John says would be impossible without entrepreneurial self-belief and a positive outlook.

- Downturn and opportunity often go hand in hand. Demand for caviar actually went up over the pandemic, which, with a limited supply of caviar dictated by the spawning season ten years before, means that Ars Italica's product is worth more than ever.

- According to John, the way that Ars Italica approaches biodiversity, spawning natural species even if it means lower yields and a longer production cycle compared to hybridized variants, should be applied across the food chain to guarantee more nutritious products that are healthy for us and the environment.

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