11 - 8-Hour Sleep Podcast is All About Sleep and Well-being

Sleep Calming and Relaxing ASMR Thunder Rain Podcast for Studying, Meditation and Focus

11-01-2020 • 8 hrs 2 mins

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Sleep-helpful 8-hour Sleep Podcast for Body, Mind and Soul is about sleep and well-being through relaxation, exercise and good quality sleep. Over the years I have learned a LOT about sleep. I have worked in the beauty industry, become a massage therapist and really know a lot about sleep related issues. I was tired of seeing people in pain and not being able to figure out what was causing them pain. So I created 8 Hour Sleep Podcast. It was a bit rocky at the start because people would see it on my website but not on iTunes or Stitcher. Over the years I have gotten a lot of comments from people saying that they have been able to fall asleep faster for shorter amounts of time, wake up refreshed most times, and feel like their body was able to rejuvenate. So this is it; an avenue for everyone to feel better about their body and how they sleep.