VREP #360 | Reverse Mortgages & the Great Generational Wealth Transfer with Marci Deane

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

24-02-2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

$373.3 Billion. Big number, right? That is the total value of mortgage-free real estate holdings in Metro Vancouver as of 2021. And 55% of that insanely large number is controlled by those between the ages of 55 & 74. In other words, Vancouver Boomers are real estate rich & their children will be the ultimate beneficiaries. But what good is all that equity if it is tied up in clear-title real estate?

Mortgage Broker Marci Deane sits down with Adam & Matt to discuss strategies that allow homeowners to tap into that equity potential - whether to use as gifts for downpayments, to invest in other real estate, or to just live your best life. So, if you have a lot of equity in your home, now is the time to give Marci a call. And if you are a Millenial struggling with a downpayment, now is the time to share this podcast with mom & dad. Your [Parents] are Richer than You Think!

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