Mike Duncan

A weekly podcasting exploring great political revolutions. Now: The Russian Revolution Next: ???

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0.0- Introduction
9 mins
0.0- Introduction1.1- The Kingdoms of Charles Stuart1.2- Personal Rule1.3- The Bishops' Wars1.4- The Long Parliament1.5a- Supplemental- The Armies1.5- Cavaliers and Roundheads1.6- The Solemn League And Covenant1.7- The New Model Army1.7a- Tour Announcement1.8- Checkmate1.9- The Man of Blood1.10- Regicide1.11- The Crowning Mercy1.11a- Tour Announcement 21.12a- Supplemental Freeborn John1.12b- Supplemental The Diggers1.12- In The Name of God Go1.13- The Instrument of Government1.14- The Humble Petition and Advice