Unmasking Prejudice with Dr. Melodye Hilton (Season 8, EP 39)


05-05-2022 • 34 mins

Silence the internal voices of prejudgement and begin to treat others through the eyes of God. Dr. Melody Hilton joins the show to talk about her book "Unmasking Prejudice" and how she is encouraging Christian leaders to stop devaluing others. Hear the lessons she has learned through putting into practice what she preaches by putting into place a prejudice-free zone and gossip-free zones in her church.

Join the The #StopDevaluation Movement: https://stopdevaluation.com/.

Connect with Dr. Hilton at

www.drmelodye.com - coaching & consulting
www.stopdevaluation.com - social movement
www.givinglight.org - the church Dr. Hilton co-pastors
Listen to her podcast The Life Exchange Podcast: https://www.givinglight.org/lifeexchange/.