Abundant With Kylie Nel

Kylie Nel

Welcome to the Abundant Podcast, a podcast for the female entrepreneur who is ready to awaken her feminine energy experience, healing and guidance towards her deepest soul purpose and tap into the abundance vortex of wealth, fulfillment and freedom. I'm your host Kylie Nel - a psychology postgraduate and serial entrepreneur. As a business and energy coach, I am here to help you navigate what it really means to be a mystical and spiritual female leader in modern-day society - all within the realms of showing you how to bold a wildly successful six-to-seven-figure business online. Every week, I will be unveiling the alchemy on how you can expand your money and impact by aligning your human design, sales and marketing, energetics, and mindset. It’s time that you raise your vibration and become a magnetic attraction for soulmate clients. So stay tuned for solocasts from me and interviews from some of the best leaders I know within the industry; to help you on your mission to shatter glass ceilings and build a wildly successful business online. Follow Kylie On Instagram @kylie__nel
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