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Presenting We’re Alive: Scout’s Honor - Chapter 1 - Welcome to Camp

We're Alive

19-03-2024 • 44 mins

May 8, 2009. Franklin’s first day at Camp Emerald Bay goes horribly wrong…

Chapter 1 of “We’re Alive: Scout’s Honor” is being featured on the We’re Alive feed, but the rest of the series will continue on a new Scout’s Honor feed. Find it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, or search for "We're Alive: Scout's Honor" on your podcast player of choice.

Stranded on Catalina Island after the Outbreak, a small group of Adventure Scouts confront the “Infected", testing their mettle and the strength of their friendships. This immersive audio drama is a heart-pounding blend of horror and adventure as these preteens, armed with only determination and their Scout Rules, navigate the rugged island, discovering the essence of courage and sacrifice in the face of an apocalypse. Bonds are tested, innocence is lost, and the scout motto “Stay Alert, Stay Alive” takes on a whole new, dark significance in this stand-alone new audio drama from the creators of We’re Alive.

WARNING: This miniseries contains distressing scenarios involving children, including graphic violence and gore, as well as underage drinking and use of firearms. Listener discretion is advised.

FOR OUR LISTENERS IN THE UK (UPDATED): Please be advised that the original upload of this podcast contained language that, while benign in an American context, is considered offensive in many parts of the world: The abbreviation of the Venture Scout rank "Pollywog." This was unintentional, and we are grateful to the listeners who messaged and informed us early on. We have since removed the word from this and all future Chapters of Scout's Honor. Your podcast player of choice may take time to update to this new edited version.


Beauden Michael McConnell as Franklin

Julian Vidaurrazaga as Blaine

Dillon Wrich as Zach

Isabella Burer as Ruby

Riley Jackson as Carmen

Braxton Hale as Pierce

Greg Perrow as Joe

Hayden Williams-Moran as Chase

Victoria Cheng as Valerie

Christina Castañeda as Pilar

Elisa Eliot as Mindy

Dan Nord as Harv

Tristan McMorris as Gus

Michael Swan as Narrator

Full list of cast & crew:

Join us on March 26, 2024 for Chapter 2 of WE’RE ALIVE: SCOUT’S HONOR - “Between Two Harbors”

We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the last 2 seasons of We're Alive: Descendants. More info at:

Disclaimer: “We’re Alive: Scout’s Honor” and all of the events and characters associated with it are a work of fiction. This project is not sponsored or endorsed by Camp Emerald Bay or any other scouting organization. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.

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