Listen to We're Alive: Scout's Honor Chapter 2 on its New Feed!

We're Alive

27-03-2024 • 36 seconds

Did you enjoy Chapter 1 of "We're Alive: Scout's Honor"? The series continues on a new Scout’s Honor feed. Find it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, or search for "We're Alive: Scout's Honor" on your podcast player of choice. Chapter 2 - "Between Two Harbors" is out now!

Stranded on Catalina Island after the Outbreak, a small group of Adventure Scouts confront the “Infected", testing their mettle and the strength of their friendships. This immersive audio drama is a heart-pounding blend of horror and adventure as these preteens, armed with only determination and their Scout Rules, navigate the rugged island, discovering the essence of courage and sacrifice in the face of an apocalypse. Bonds are tested, innocence is lost, and the scout motto “Stay Alert, Stay Alive” takes on a whole new, dark significance in this stand-alone new audio drama from the creators of We’re Alive.

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