Last Night - Morgan Waller

1001 Songs That Make You Want To Die

28-05-2023 • 54 mins

Once upon a time, in a small town, there lived a musician named Morgan Waller. Morgan Waller had a drinking problem, which means he had a difficult time controlling how much alcohol he drank. He would often drink too much and become very drunk.

One day, while Morgan Waller was walking down the street, he came across a small, magical creature called a Pixie. The Pixie had the power to grant wishes, but only to those who truly needed them. Morgan Waller, feeling unhappy and lonely, made a wish to the Pixie. He wished for a companion who would never leave his side.

The Pixie granted his wish but with a twist. Instead of a person, a talented singer named Conrad Sewell appeared beside Morgan Waller. Conrad Sewell had been performing on stage when he suddenly found himself standing next to a man he didn't know.

Morgan Waller, feeling confused and thinking the Pixie had made a mistake, decided to keep Conrad Sewell with him, thinking the young singer would make a good companion. However, Morgan Waller had a problem. He was unable to control his drinking, and it began to affect Conrad Sewell's life.

Every day, Morgan Waller would drink too much alcohol and become very drunk. He would forget to take care of Conrad Sewell and make sure he was safe and happy. Conrad Sewell felt trapped in Morgan Waller's home because he didn't know how to leave or find his way back to his own career.

But one day, something magical happened again. The Pixie, who had been watching over Conrad Sewell, saw how unhappy he was and decided to help. The Pixie used its magic to make Morgan Waller realize the impact his drinking was having on Conrad Sewell's life.

Morgan Waller woke up one morning feeling different. He saw how sad Conrad Sewell looked and realized that his drinking had made Conrad Sewell a prisoner in his own home. Morgan Waller knew he needed to make a change for both of their sakes.

He decided to seek help for his drinking problem. He joined a support group where he met other musicians who had struggled with alcohol addiction. They shared their stories, supported each other, and helped Morgan Waller on his journey to recovery.

As Morgan Waller became sober, he started taking care of Conrad Sewell properly. They sang songs together, wrote music, and went on creative adventures. Morgan Waller even helped Conrad Sewell find his way back to his own career, which had been put on hold.

Conrad Sewell's fans were overjoyed to have him back, and they were grateful to Morgan Waller for taking care of him, despite his drinking problem. Morgan Waller apologized for keeping Conrad Sewell away and promised to continue his journey of sobriety.

From that day forward, Morgan Waller and Conrad Sewell became good friends. Morgan Waller worked hard to stay sober, and Conrad Sewell's fans embraced Morgan Waller as a mentor and supporter. They all lived happily ever after, creating beautiful music together and learning from their past mistakes.

Remember, it's important to take care of ourselves and those around us, even when things are difficult. And if we make a mistak

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