Industrial Revolution

Short History Of...

19-02-2024 • 58 mins

During the years 1760 to 1830, British industry exploded. Thanks to advances in machinery, and forward-thinking inventions, the country shifted from a predominantly agricultural nation, to a modern state. This movement has become known as the Industrial Revolution. But why did these changes take place in Britain and not somewhere else? What were its impacts at the time, and how has it come to shape the modern world? And, are we indeed still living through it? This is a Short History Of the Industrial Revolution. A Noiser production, Written by Dan Smith. With thanks to Joel Mokyr, Professor of Economics and History at Northwestern University, and the Sackler Professor at the University of Tel Aviv. Get every episode of Short History Of a week early with Noiser+. You’ll also get ad-free listening, bonus material, and early access to shows across the Noiser network. Click the Noiser+ banner to get started. Or, if you’re on Spotify or Android, go to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit