S04E24 - Legacy of Strength: Ramona Big Head's Message of Resilience and Hope

From Darkness to Life

19-04-2024 • 1 hr

In this enlightening episode of "From Darkness to Life," Ryan is joined by the esteemed Ramona Big Head, a dedicated educator with over 25 years of experience and a member of the Peigan Board of Education. Ramona brings a powerful narrative to the table, delving into the historical struggles of her people. She recounts the painful legacy of residential schools, the erosion of traditional practices and culture, and the profound grief and loss that have marked her community's journey.

With raw honesty, Ramona opens up about the personal tragedies she has faced, including the loss of numerous loved ones to addiction. Yet, amidst the darkness, she sheds light on how the fusion of brain science, acquired from the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative's Brain Story certification, and the revitalization of indigenous traditions have transformed the support provided to the youth within the Peigan school system.

Join us as we travel from the shadows of the past into the promise of a brighter future, guided by Ramona's wisdom and the resilient spirit of her people. This episode is a testament to the power of blending modern science with time-honored wisdom to heal and uplift the next generation.

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