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Air travel can be confusing and frustrating. At the same time, the world of commercial flying is absolutely fascinating. In each episode, we will answer your questions and explore different topics to expand your horizons and make you a smarter and savvier air traveler. Whether you are looking to make the most of your next flying experience or are a naturally curious learner who wants to know more about how air travel works, this is the podcast for you.
15 - Cabin Safety Secrets with Jennel Senior14 - How Airports Make Money and Who Owns Them13 - Globetrotting with Gary Arndt
In this episode, Andrew answers the question of which airline in the world is the safest. He then chats with Gary Arndt, an award-winning travel blogger and writer who has travelled to over 130 countries.What is the safest airline in the world? Some airlines have better safety reputations than others, but does this really matter? Find out more in this episode.  What’s it like flying around small Pacific islands? Or taking a small plane up to a fly-in only area in northern Canada? Andrew talks to world traveler Gary Arndt about some of his most unique air travel stories. Air travel is what connects the globe. Gary Arndt has flown all around the world, visiting over 130 countries. In this episode, he shares his wisdom, experiences, and insights on air travel. Gary Arndt is an award-winning travel blogger and photographer. He has flown all over the world and has travelled to over 130 countries. His blog, Everything Everywhere, features stories about travel, history and much more. He also writes and produces a daily podcast called Everything Everywhere Daily which covers stories about people, places, and things from around the world. Plus, he is the co-host of This Week in Travel, an award-winning weekly podcast that covers travel industry news. You can also find him on social media on Instagram and Twitter.Enjoying the podcast? We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to leave us a rating and review, if you’re listening on a platform that lets you do so (like Apple Podcasts). Connect with Flying Smarter:Facebook: Flying Smarter PodcastInstagram: @flyingsmarterTwitter: @flying_smarterWebsite: www.flyingsmarter.com
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12 - How to Get Upgraded on Your Next Flight11 - Top 5 (Non-Pandemic) Air Travel News Stories of 2020 *Special Episode*10 - Flying and Skiing with Felice and Peter Hardy
This episode of Flying Smarter starts off by looking at whether or not airplane doors can be opened inflight. Travel writers Felice and Peter Hardy then come onto the podcast talk about flying and skiing.Is it possible to open an airplane door during your flight? We’ve seen scary scenes of this happening in movies, but the reality is quite different. Learn more in this episode.What’s the largest airline in the world? There’s a different ways to measure airline size, but this episode answers this question based on the number of passengers carried. As winter arrives and the ski season in the norther part of the world draws near, avid skiers and travel writers Felice and Peter Hardy come to the show to talk about flying and skiing. Andrew chats with them about everything from flying with ski equipment, to some of their more memorable winter flying experiences.Peter and Felice Hardy are travel writers and avid skiers based in the United Kingdom. They host their own travel podcast called ActionPacked Travel and are co-editors of the ski website Welove2ski. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Some of the ski resorts mentioned in this episode are Val d'Isere in France, Kitzbuhel in Austria, Champoluc in Italy, Zermatt in Switzerland, Baqueira Beret in Spain, Whistler in British Columbia, Canada, and Jackson Hole in Wyoming, USA. Follow the podcast on social media! Connect with Flying Smarter: Facebook: Flying Smarter Podcast Instagram: @flyingsmarter Twitter: @flying_smarterWebsite: www.flyingsmarter.com
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9 - Why People Love the Boeing 787 Dreamliner
This episode starts by answering questions about soft versus hard shell luggage and the difference between pilots, co-pilots, first officers, and captains. Andrew then takes a look at why the Boeing 787, also known as the Dreamliner, has won the hearts of airlines and passengers alike.Should I use hard shell or soft shell luggage? There are advantages and drawbacks to both and this episode begins by comparing the two types to help you decide. What is the difference between a pilot, copilot, first officer, and captain? These terms get thrown around a lot in air travel. Learn what the difference is between the different types of people flying your plane.Long-haul flying can be rough. It can be tiring: you’re stuck on a cramped plane with dry, stale air, and you might have a lot of connections. There’s a revolutionary plane out there that tries to change all this though, and that is the Boeing 787, also known as the Dreamliner. For this episode’s main segment, Andrew explores what makes this aircraft so special.As you know, the first part of each episode of the podcast is based on questions submitted by listeners or that I’ve had in the past. If you have a question that you want to be answered on the show, get in touch with us on social media (see below) or at www.flyingsmarter.com/contact. You can send us a message from there, or even record your question. Connect with Flying Smarter:Facebook: Flying Smarter PodcastInstagram: @flyingsmarterTwitter: @flying_smarterWebsite: www.flyingsmarter.com
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8 - Talking Turbulence with Owen Zupp
This episode is special because it doesn’t follow the normal episode format. Andrew spends the entire episode chatting with airline pilot Owen Zupp about turbulence and what you need to know about it. Topics discussed in this episode include:Turbulence makes some passengers a bit nervous and there can be some discomfort in the cabin when a plane hits some rough air. But what happens in the flight deck when a flight encounters turbulence? Learn all about it in this episode.Should passengers be worried about turbulence breaking the wings off a plane or sending the aircraft into a dive? Andrew asks Owen about some worst-case scenarios that passengers might consider.There are lots of ways that pilots can anticipate, avoid, and remove planes from turbulence, but we sometimes hear of incidents of severe turbulence causing injuries. Owen explains how these types of scenarios usually happen and how you can keep yourself safe onboard. Owen Zupp is an airline pilot an awarding-winning author. You can check out his work on his website at www.owenzupp.com. There you can find various articles that he’s written, as well as details on his books and how you can get them. You can also find him on his YouTube channel and on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.Follow us on social media for the latest updates and sneak peeks! Or visit www.flyingsmarter.com/contact to join the podcast’s mailing list. Connect with Flying Smarter: Facebook: Flying Smarter Podcast Instagram: @flyingsmarter Twitter: @flying_smarterWebsite: www.flyingsmarter.com
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7 - All About Airline Alliances6 - COVID-19, Airlines, and the Future with Dr. Kerry Tan5 - Duty-Free Shopping and Why Things at Airports are so Expensive
23 mins
4 - Getting Started with Points and Miles with Alyssa Cerchiai
In this episode, Andrew answers questions about airplane sewage and finding the best seat. He then chats with Alyssa Cerchiai about the world of points and miles.Where does airplane sewage go? You may have heard stories of frozen toilet waste landing in people’s yards but do we really jettison human waste into the sky? We take a look at what actually happens to airplane sewage once it’s flushed down the toilet.What is the best seat on a plane? The answer depends on what your priorities are. If you really don’t like turbulence for example, a seat over the wings or towards the front of the plane will likely give you a smoother ride. Find out what you need to know about selecting a seat on your next flight.Using points and miles is a great way to reduce the cost of your next trip. However, earning reward travel can seem like a daunting task if you aren’t a frequent flyer or big spender. For this episode’s main segment, writer and podcast host Alyssa Cerchiai is here to cover the basics of the world of points and miles and talk about how to get started. If you want to hear more from Alyssa or learn more about the world of points and miles, check out her podcast, She Made Points. You can also find her on Instagram at @shemadepoints and @alycerchiai, on Twitter at @shemadepoints and @alycerchaiai, and on the She Made Points Facebook Page. For a breakdown of the flight redemption example from this episode, click here.Enjoying the podcast? Follow us on social media! Connect with Flying Smarter: Facebook: Flying Smarter Podcast Instagram: @flyingsmarter Twitter: @flying_smarterWebsite: www.flyingsmarter.com
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3 - Low-Cost Carriers: How They Work and What You Need to Know2 - How to Treat Your Flight Attendants with Flight Attendant Joe
Andrew starts this episode off by answering questions about runway numbers and where planes go when they are retired. He then chats with Flying Smarter’s very first guest, Flight Attendant Joe Thomas, who shares valuable insights from his time as a flight attendant and gives some tips to make your flying experience a bit better. How do runway numbers work? Each runway has a giant number painted on it at either end. Find out what these numbers mean and how the numbering system works. What happens to planes once they are retired? When an airline removes a plane form a service, a number of things can happen to it, from being sold to another airline to being sent to an aircraft boneyard. Learn more about the fate of retired aircraft in this episode. Did you know that your flight attendants aren’t getting paid during boarding? Or that you might not be great at ordering beverages when flying? Flight Attendant Joe Thomas is here to talk everything from how to treat your flight attendants to how you can increase your chances of getting a free drink on your next flight. Joe draws from his experience to share some hilarious but valuable insights.  If you want to hear more from Joe, you can find his podcast, Grounded with Joe Thomas, on your favorite podcast app. You can also follow him on Instagram at @groundedwithjoethomas, Like his Facebook Page, or check out his books and blog at www.flightattendantjoe.com.   Enjoying the podcast? Leave us a review if you’re using a platform that allows you to do so, like Apple Podcasts. We would greatly appreciate it! Connect with Flying Smarter: Facebook: Flying Smarter Podcast Instagram: @flyingsmarterTwitter: @flying_smarterWebsite: www.flyingsmarter.com
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1 - Your Bag's Journey and How it Gets LostTrailer - Welcome to Flying Smarter