Morning Affirmations Meditation for Women

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Morning Affirmation Meditations that will infuse your day with calm, inspiration and connection. These daily morning affirmation meditations are short and easy to fit into your morning routine. Every morning, you’ll receive an episode that is dedicated to one specific affirmation, so you can have the space to reflect on it and receive the power within it. These morning affirmation meditations are created for those who identify as women or anyone who feels called to listen. πŸ’— Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network and guided by Lauren Liebowitz. Get more meditation resources at

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Welcome to the Morning Affirmations Meditation for Women Podcast πŸ’— (Trailer)
Welcome to the Morning Affirmations Meditation for Women Podcast πŸ’— (Trailer)
Katie: Welcome, I’m Katie, the creator of the Women’s Meditation Network. Lauren: And I’m Lauren, the voice and guide of the Morning Affirmations for Women podcast. Katie: Lauren and I are so excited to welcome you here.  We’ve heard from so many of our listeners how much they love affirmations.  So, we decided to give them to you here every single morning. Lauren:  Each morning, you’ll receive a short guided meditation that focuses on a specific affirmation.  They’re simple, yet incredibly profound.  And we hope they bring a little more calm, positivity and clarity into your day. Katie: So make sure you subscribe now…Lauren and I will be honored to be in your ears every morning. And if you love them, we encourage you to subscribe to all the other podcasts that are a part of the Women’s Meditation Network.  There are sleep meditations, morning meditations and so much more. Just search β€œMeditation for Women” in your podcast player and subscribe for free to all of them that you like.  Lauren: So now, we invite you to scroll through the episodes and press play on the affirmation that calls to you the most.  We’ll be there to guide you through it with love.  Katie: Thank you, and Namaste. πŸ’—LOVING THESE MEDITATIONS?πŸ’— Check out our other podcasts that are a part of the Women's Meditation Network! 1. Morning Meditation for Women - Sleep Meditation for Women - Meditation for Women - Sleep Sounds - Water & Nature Sounds - Ambient Sounds & ASMR - more about your ad choices. Visit