Building the 3DO Partner Network

Memories of 3DO

20-11-2021 • 3 mins

Throughout 1992 and early 1993, the plans behind the 3DO continued to take shape. Founder Trip Hawkins was using his undisputed influence and reputation in the gaming industry to get partners excited about the console. This included both hardware and and game developers. Since the hardware would be licensed, it meant any electronics manufacturer that were interested in being part of this new era of gaming could produce and sell their own version, and pay a royalty to the 3DO company for this. It led to respected names like Panasonic, Goldstar (who became LG), Samsung, Toshiba, and Sanyo signing up to the project (although ultimately only Panasonic, Goldstar and Sanyo would manufacture units). Meanwhile, game developers were excited about the partnership opportunities. The CD format meant more memory to explore new ideas on, while the 32-bit engine meant a huge upgrade in graphics and sound. Developers like Electronic Arts, fighting game legends SNK, iD (makers of Wolfenstein and Doom), and Capcom all signed up, with promises to bring true next level versions of their popular games to the system.  Electronic Arts in particular put their full weight behind the project, in no small way thanks to their relationship with Trip Hawkins. Indeed, they even marketed the partnership with the slogan, "EA is 3DO, 3DO is EA" With an eager gaming press showering this upcoming console with praise, gamers began to count down the days when the system would launch. But problems were starting to arise behind the scenes... Get involved: (Support the show) (Follow Danny on Twitter) My equipment: (Electro-Voice RE320) (Motu M2 Audio Interface) (Denon DJ HP-1100 Over Ear Headphones) (Podcast Pro Boom Arm by Accu-Lite and O.C. White) Recommended resources: ( (Aweber email marketing) (RiversideFM remote interviewing) (My Podcast Reviews) This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podtrac -