Seed Starting: Is It For You?

The Helpful Gardeners

12-02-2023 • 39 mins

Do starting plants from seed suit your lifestyle? The helpful gardeners explore the many considerations of seed starting, as well as alternatives that can help you save time, space and money.

Depending on what you're growing and where, you may need to start some plants indoors from seed. In places like Alberta, where frost can show up well into May, classic annual plants like geraniums, tomatoes peppers usually begin their journey inside. If you've been gardening for years, you may have settled into a tried and true process that works for you. If you're a beginner, it's easy to bite off more than you can chew. It's important to remember that no matter which way you choose to grow plants - seed, grown from a local nursery, kitchen herbs indoors, etc - you can be a successful gardener.


Our question of the week comes from Sarah in Calgary, AB who asks, "You have an entire seed packet. Do you have to use them all in one season or can you save them and how?" Listen in to find out what Colin recommends for both dry and humid zones!

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The one thing that unites gardeners both indoors and out is the inevitability of pests and diseases. We're dealing with living things that get sick just like us. Let's explore ways to prevent, identify, and treat our plants for the challenges they're bound to endure.