Garden Bugs & Disease

The Helpful Gardeners

19-02-2023 • 46 mins

In this weeks episode.... caterpillar poop, noisemakers, predator bugs, difficulty pronouncing hard words, and debunking a well known garden myth!
We're helping you with the various garden bugs and diseases you may encounter in your garden and home. Plants are just as susceptible to weakness as us humans are, so let's explore ways to identify, eliminate, and prevent the various challenges your plants are most likely to encounter. It's not all bad though! We'll spotlight the good guys too that bring balance to your garden.
But first, it's Colin's Birthday! We had maybe a little too much fun celebrating...
We touched a bit on the Oyster Scale problem that ripped through Calgary, AB in 2015.


Our question of the week comes from Ethariel who asks, "How do you get rid of thrips?" Listen in to find out what Colin recommends to battle these armoured pests!

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Bring gardening indoors! Are houseplants for everything? What should you keep in mind when considering bringing plants indoors? Golden Acre is also going on a road trip to SAIT - Southern Alberta Institute of Technology to find out how plants can postivitly impact wellness